Posted on March 2nd, 2021 in Message from the President

Like many, I ushered in 2021 by saying good riddance to 2020! It was an unmeasured year presenting many obstacles and a “new normal” that we all hope is temporary. I would like to thank our members and sponsors for supporting our abbreviated educational schedule last year. We are cancelling our educational luncheons through the Spring of 2021. We will finalize plans for activities in the second half of the year, when COVID abates.
IWCI is pleased to announce that we will host an educational webinar on March, 4 2021, COVID in the Workplace. The agenda will include 4 speakers; a physician, an attorney, the Indiana Work Comp Board and a Master Work Comp Advisor. We plan to discuss COVID exposure and risk, claim history (to date), legal aspects and clinically what is being noted to include a discussion regarding Long COVID and how to treat the associated myriad of symptoms. The webinar will conclude with a panel discussion designed to address attendee questions. Stay tuned – more details will be posted on our website soon!

As we welcome a fresh, new year – may we all look forward to once again gathering together. I’m hopeful that we are able to resume our August seminar, whether in-person, remote or a hybrid event. Please know that the IWCI Board will work diligently to renew our educational efforts in a safe and fun way!

My parting thought for you…
Two years after the end of World War I and the last Pandemic (Spanish Flu), America ushered in the ‘Roaring 20’s’. Culture, media and the role of women in society revolutionized during this decade . The economy was booming! Let us have faith that history does tend to repeat, and the remainder of this decade will rock and roll!

Dr. Robert Gregori
IWCI President