Posted on March 13th, 2020 in Message from the President

Fellow IWCI Members,

Like many other organizations, we have elected to scale back activities in the near future to be proactive in our efforts to slow the spread of this pandemic virus.  For years, the medical community has discussed the inevitable expectation of a pandemic virus of significant consequence.  Clearly, it is difficult to be fully prepared for such an event.  While it is important not to let fear overwhelm our ability to make rational decisions, caution and safety must be paramount.  We are all very much impacted by COVID-19 whether exposed or merely affected by the social impact.  We are doing our small part to keep our members safe by cancelling next week’s Indy and Northwest luncheons.  Fortunately, Dr. Schwartz understands our decision and kindly offered to reschedule the event.  We are looking at potential dates in May or June, should the venue be available, and we will keep you all posted regarding specifics.  The Northwest luncheon will not be rescheduled.

I trust all of us can do our part to help contain this virus, so in the next month or two our lives may regain normally.  There is value in experience, and I trust we will be better prepared for future incidents.  I am hopeful that we can all stay safe and find some hope knowing that this too shall pass.