Posted on June 19th, 2024 in IWCI Board Member Introductions
What is your current role within IWCI and how long have you been a part of IWCI?
– I am currently the president of the north east chapter of IWCI. I have been performing these duties for the last six months roughly and helping to revive chapter activities with the help of previous chapter leaders. I have participated in IWC events in the past, prior to COVID-19 restrictions, but only as a participant and not in a leadership role.
How do you interface with Indiana worker’s comp claims in your work
– As a physical therapist I have the opportunity to work directly with injured workers on a regular basis. This allows me to bring up concerns which come up from day today with physicians as well as caseworkers and on occasion insurance companies. I appreciate the ability to have a close relationship with the patient I treat in order to best represent them to the other medical personnel involved in their care.
What are some of the unique challenges and opportunities you see in interacting with work comp claims in Indiana
– While I enjoy being part of the care team for injured workers I do find it quite difficult at times to achieve prompt services and authorization for continuation of treatments due to communication barriers which exist between all those involved in each patient’s care. This is something I strive to help improve in the worker’s Compensation system by attempting to remain open to and provide regular communication case managers and physicians specifically.
What has been the best part of being a member of IWCI and the Indiana work comp community?
– I truly enjoy being able to participate in IWC events as they help better educate me to provide optimum care to my patients. I also enjoy being able to rub shoulders with others in this care network to be able to open up better lines of communication to improve upon the already difficult experience of injuring oneself while on the job, and returning to maximal functional capacity afterward.
Jordan Tait, DPT, Cert. MDT
Steppin’ Up Physical Therapy
Fort Wayne, IN