Comp Clues



Date: 03/01/2006

“Space-age Technology” is a term that comes to mind when discussing the Game Ready System. The same technology used in NASA spacesuits has been adapted and refined by scientists and doctors to bring you the ultimate in cooling and compression. The wraps were ergonomically designed to fit the ankle, knee, hip, back, shoulder and wrist. Aside from being very comfortable the wraps surround the affected area for complete coverage.

The Game Ready System is simple and safe to operate because it only uses ice and water. There is a hose attached to the wrap which allows the cold water to cycle around the damaged area picking up the heat and dropping it off in the reservoir to be cooled. The water is continuously cycling through the reservoir to remain cold. Your patients’ pain scores will drop dramatically. Meanwhile the intermittent compression will perform its “squeeze” and “release” actions to reduce swelling and speed recovery time.

Game Ready is the leader in the class of cooling/vasopneumatic devices. “Seventy-five pro teams, including 25 NFL clubs use it, as do 137 schools and more than 400 individual athletes.”(1) Patients and clinicians alike enjoy using the Game Ready system because it is easy to operate and the results are almost immediate. It is not only for your athlete but anyone experiencing pain and/or swelling could certainly benefit from using Game Ready. Patient compliance will sky rocket as will your business once word travels around about the Game Ready ACCELERATED RECOVERY SYSTEM.

1. Anderson K. Totally Cool. Sports Illustrated. 2005; November.