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2004 Indiana State University Scholarship Recipients

Yevgeniya Lesina & Bonita Wiggins

Date: 09/01/2004

Ms. Lesina has made Indiana State University her home for the last three years.  Currently she is an accounting major/insurance minor junior and plans on graduating in May of 2006. Besides working full time and taking 12 credit hours, she volunteers to tutor accounting students every week.  This past April she was initiated into the Beta Alpha Psi Business Fraternity for Accounting and MIS students.  She looked forward to becoming a member as she had been attending their meetings for over a year prior to becoming an inductee.
Ms. Wiggins is a sophomore majoring in Finance with an Insurance and Risk Management minor. She is considering this to change and have a double major.  She is involved in several organizations on campus.  Her future school plans include obtaining an MBA and possibly a law degree. Insurance is a passion of hers, however, she is still determining how best to use the insurance skills she is learning while an undergraduate.