Posted on September 16th, 2021 in Message from the President

The older I get the more time seems to fly by. One would think that age would slow the person down, but time remains a constant. My philosophy has been to challenge the aging process by maintaining a positive attitude and by remaining active. The “use it or lose it” mentality definitely works for me. But regardless of pace, time always appears to race on.

Last year as we hunkered down for COVID I was expecting time to grind down as well. But here it is mid-September and I am wondering where summer went. We certainly missed last year’s IWCI events, along with most of this year’s events. However, we have decided to resume with a luncheon in October and in November we plan to welcome in the holidays with a pre-Thanksgiving half day conference.

Our first luncheon in almost a year features a panel of three experienced attorneys to discuss legal questions raised by our members. Hopefully you responded to last week’s email soliciting questions. If you haven’t yet had an opportunity, please let us know what questions you might have for this panel of distinguished attorneys. Our luncheon will be at the Ritz Charles on
October 14th.

It pains us to recognize we have been without our annual seminar for the last two years. We have decided to closeout 2021 with a scaled-down conference on the afternoon of November 11th at the Ritz Charles. Doctor Hale will discuss the challenges of understanding psychological symptoms in a workers compensation claim. This will be followed by a lively discussion with members of the Indiana Workers Compensation Board. Please provide us with topics you wish the board to cover. We will close the afternoon with an entertaining presentation from Carl Van followed by a happy hour to get reacquainted. We all miss networking with our great members. Please visit our website for registration. We have sponsorships available for the November 11th event. Our goal is to welcome the holiday season and look forward to a 2022 where the IWCI agenda of events is fully restored.

Soon the vivid fall colors will be appearing as a slap in the face saying time marches on. To quote Benjamin Franklin “you may delay but time will not.” Hope to see you soon!

Dr. Robert Gregori
IWCI President